Who Should Attend?

The Emergency Response Tech Forum will be attended by Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Superintendents, Consultants and Chiefs in-charge of:


  • Risk Assessment and Management

  • Safety and Security Training

  • Inspection and Control

  • Transport Security

  • Business Continuity

  • Contingency Planning & Loss Prevention

  • Automation and innovation

  • Crisis, Emergency and Disaster Management

  • Foresight Strategy & Planning

  • Strategic Planning government and public sector departments

  • Public Services

  • Healthcare & Social Development

  • Digital Transformation and innovation

  • ICT

  • Emergency Response Services


  • Government and municipalities

  • Police and security

  • Defense and military security establishments

  • Emergency Response Agencies

  • IT, Telecom and Communications

  • Public Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Healthcare

  • Other related industries